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Deutsche Welle TV – Studio Babelsberg

More than a year ago, we visited Studio Babelsberg to interview managing director Henning Molfenter. When we showed up with our huge equipment and lighting cases, the PR director asked, “Oh, you brought all your clothing with you?”

I don’t think they were expecting us to show up with lots of professional equipment. Good thing we did, though, because Studio Babelsberg is a huge studio, really the largest in Europe. Mr. Molfenter ended up giving us a great interview, even though it was a bit short.

This was recently aired on Deutsche Welle TV:


Live in Memphis

Chris McCoy, a writer/filmmaker here in Memphis, recently interviewed us for a blog post on Live From Memphis. It was all about crowd-funding (like what we are doing on IndieGoGo).

It does seem like everyone and their mama is doing a crowd-funding campaign these days. Lots of competition… and lots of very fund-worthy projects. May the best man/woman/project win!

(On that note, we are nearly 10% funded! :)



Featured Artist of the Day: Anja Schneider

We interviewed Anja back in November 2009. She and her staff of four were awesome. We had a great time doing the interview (and hearing the story about the bullet holes in her office wall), and afterward, we had lunch at the Clärchens Ballhaus, a fabulous old dance hall that still attracts a crowd on the weekends.

Check out this recent interview with Anja.

And remember to visit our IndieGoGo page! We’ve already had some donations! Danke! Thank You!


Ready, Set… Fundraise!!

Our official promotion and fundraising campaign is a go!

For more info, check out our IndieGoGo campaign page.

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Post-Production and Writing the Business Plan

Just a quick update:

We got back from Berlin, and were plunged into the Memphis’ summer heat, which is actually probably a good thing, because it makes sitting inside in the A/C seem like a good idea.

And both Eric and I have been doing a LOT of sitting recently. He’s hard at work on the edit, and I’m hard at work trying to figure out what the heck I’m doing with the whole business plan.

I keep wishing for a wise mentor (think Karate Kid-esque) to appear in a robe and beard and walk me through this whole financing stage. But alas, no such mentor has arrived yet, and so I am at the mercy of my own online research skills.

I have found a very cool online forum called The D-Word. There are some really great filmmakers on there, having useful and interesting conversations. Looking forward to delving into that community even more in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, check out one of the coolest places we visited in Berlin, Kunsthaus Tacheles.

Kunsthaus Tacheles

Grafitti near Kunsthaus Tacheles


Back in Berlin!

We arrived in Berlin late, late last night for a whirlwind 7 days of filming. Our goal is to gather the rest of the b-roll and finish this project!

Yesterday, we arrived at Tegel airport in Berlin around 3:00 and headed straight for a train and Eberswalde, a quiet little town about 45 minutes outside the city. A huge Jewish festival, Limmud.de, was taking place, and we shot some quick footage of Cantor Jalda Rebling, one of our artists.

En route to Berlin!

The Limmud staff was excellent. They were so welcoming and helpful, and fed us an incredible Jewish meal (which, after 30+ hours of travel, was seriously like manna from heaven).

Check out their website. They have festivals all over the world, including in the USA.


Danke! Thank You!

Many, many thanks to everyone who came out last night to the Brooks to support us and On Location: Memphis! It was a great, supportive crowd.

Many thanks to the Memphis Film Commission, MemphisED, Live From Memphis, On Location: Memphis, and the Brooks Museum and staff for making last night a huge success!

You can now view the trailer below. Please feel free to share this with friends, on Facebook, etc.