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Barbara Fragogna

Barbara Fragogna is a visual artist and the curator at Tacheles Kunsthaus. This is her bio from her website:

My work focuses on the study of contrasts, which include basically technical contrasts, like the choice of colours, and the intimate contrasts that characterize every thinking human being. The attempt to solve these contrasts reveals itself in each element that constitutes painting: from colours to form, from composition to meaning, from technique to sign.

Both on the face and on the body the characters (or The Character) wear everchanging masks expressing instantaneous moods. The painting captures the image fixed for an instant on the retina after switching off a lamp’s bulb in that precise moment of darkness.

The skin dissolves and reveals materic (and materialistic) masses of muscles, veins, arteries, lymph vessels and pulsing organs.

Life consists only of flesh and substance, of mass with everchanging weight and consistence. Psyche itself is but a neuronal enigma.

The solution lies in the balance between paradoxes.