a documentary film 

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Sebastian Purfürst


HOTEL LIVES IN A DIGITALLY DISTORTED SOUND COSMOS DRAWING UPON ANALOGUE CHARM. Digital post-modern loops meet rasping guitars, adding a psychedelic touch to the sonic scape. Click’n'cut-beats are accompanied by guitars, rhythmic vinyl-crackle generates digital nostalgia. Complex soundscapes ensue, launching the listener on journeys inside the mind.

HOTEL – WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU HEAR. Visuals parallel sound in symbiosis. Intricate collages and clips are created for every song, including visual and sonic interludes which take the programme well beyond usual VJ flickerings. The video show is produced by LEM studios – a conglomerate of new media artists that has been repeatedly awarded with the Animago (European Animation Oscar).

Sebastian Purfürst
(Voc, Git)

Tobias Purfürst
(Keys, FX)

Jeff Collier
(Drums, Voc)

Hendrik Neumerkel
(Sound-Engineering, FX)

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